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John McGlynn's new album

By John McGlynn


The concept behind this album is to create a single piece of music. In my mind it's a building with many rooms and open places. Some are dark and light floods in to others. Vestibules open out into huge empty spaces. There's noise and utter silence and people. Lots of people. Ironically the seed of this work is older than my first album. One of the pieces pre-dates Songs for a Fallen Angel by many years. The foundations were laid in the early part of 2013 and the final songs and ideas assembled. Now I am ready to complete the work which has been steadily created for over a decade. What the finished structure will be is intentionally unclear. I am keeping the design of the final work as fluid as possible and finishing it in one sustained focused session in January. The recording, design and artwork, production and promotion will all be part of the concept. Honesty and integrity are the materials that I am using and I want this work to be about truth.

The sum I'm asking for is probably only a drop in the ocean, but it will allow me to establish deadlines and limits on what is possible. The time had to be right to produce this work and I'm aiming for the album to be completed by the early part of 2014. This project is the most exciting thing that I have ever been involved with and I'm hoping that as many people as possible will get involved. To this end I've created rewards that offer my experience and particularly my skills built up over the last 22 years in the music business.

I will be updating my progress regularly on Facebook and on my website www.johnmcglynn.com. I will also be sending out a personal invite to the album launch next Spring to all of the funders.



More updates

Apologies for the delay yet again. We have been working on the logistics of producing the album before the Summer and we are now back on track. The album will feature the artwork of wood-engraver Susan Mannion and will be initially released on vinyl [but we will produce a special digital copy for our ever-patient Fundit friends]. It's a single work in 4 movements. Thank you again for your patience. I hope it's worth the wait for all of you. John I will post more information in a couple of weeks.

Doing nicely

A few little delays here and there but everything is going well. Should have more info in a couple of weeks. Your patience is appreciated. In the meantime you can have a listen to a very rough demo of a song that may be on the album in some form, haven't decided yet. Written for my niece Aisling. It's up on Facebook to if anyone wants to make any comments. Best John https://soundcloud.com/john-mcglynn/fairytale

2016 Finally!

Yep! Due to a series of lucky events over the end of 2015 I'm happy to announce that we are finally beginning the end of the project. It's been a long long time but better late than never! Thank you all for your patience. I'll be updating these emails regularly to give you some indication of our progress. Hope that 2016 is going brilliantly! John

Getting closer...

Some of the people on this list will be relieved to hear that the preliminary work is nearly done. The nitty gritty of putting the final pieces of the puzzle together should be sorted out in the next 3 or so weeks. Then we are looking at the structure of the album and the instrumentation. Finally it will be recorded and mastered. No idea what way we are dong this until we hear the recordings but I'm looking on it being recorded as live. So exciting times ahead in the next few months.It's great to be able to post this after such a long wait! Thanks for your incredible patience. John


For a number of personal reasons things have stalled on the recording for the last 4 months. However a new year sees a new departure and progress. We are back on track and I'm on the clock this time as I have been offered an opportunity which requires the work to be finished within a few months. So I haven't forgotten you guys!! Hope you have a great New Year and remember, you can follow me on Facebook and blogs [which I would do more of if anyone ever read them!] John


Those of you who know me well will also know that I'm not a great man for deadlines. In fairness I have been indulging in the lack of a date in order to pursue more avenues and new songs. The news is that recording will start sometime in late November. It will be a very short process hopefully as I reckon there will be little post production. In the meantime I'll be more regularly posting on my Facebook account. Looking forward to getting it finished sometime in the New Year. John

Progress on the new album

Hi everyone Update 1 so far is that there have been a few delays in the recording structure. I'll be finishing the first complete rough run in the next 4 weeks and then recording a more complete second one almost immediately afterwards. The decision on what to do at this stage will be made with a studio in mind but there is still the possibility that we will do this live in a single take. So fingers crossed. Best John

Update 1

Hi everyone Many thanks for your funding of my new album. There are still anonymous funders whom I would love to hear from and a small number of payments didn't go through from credit cards. Other than that this campaign has been a huge success. I will be sending out infrequent updates [to spare you the details!]. I can't confirm a timetable yet but I am constantly working on the material. Rest assured your money will be used to produce the best possible result Here is the link to the Fundit page http://fundit.ie/project/john-mcglynns-new-album. Rewards can be redeemed at any time. Naturally you can't redeem the actual album yet! So I will restrict myself to a thank you for the moment. Best John

Target reached. Thank you all.

I promise this is the last post on the fundraising side. I also promise you that I won't be sending you a bunch of unnecessary updates. To be honest I'm relieved. It's heavy going asking for money nearly every day. So a simple thank you to all of you. To the 12 anonymous pledges I just wanted you to know that if you haven't chosen to accept a reward, there is no way of my knowing who you are! If you contact me through my website or if you have my email I'd be very grateful. I'm absolutely delighted and anything that starts with such an amazing show of support has to be wonderful. John

Ignore the last update

I've had a nice long chat with Fundit and I have been told that you don't have to actually open a new account. If you want to top your pledge up and add a bit extra then do it this way: If there is already a 20€ pledge for example and you want to add another 20€ then you make a pledge of 40€. I'm looking at the numbers of funders rising and the total amount is remaining the same! This is why nothing is happening. So we are actually nearly two days off the final amount with just over 200€ left to raise. Wonderful news. I'd like to add that if we exceed the total it will open up all sorts of extra possibilities at the mixing and mastering stage later on so keep going if you get the urge!

On making a second pledge

Fundit have informed me that if you try to pledge twice off the same account, the second pledge cancels the first. So if anyone is considering another [very welcome!] donation please open a new Fundit account. That said if you could pass the details of this campaign on to at least one other person it would be a great help. Only a couple of days to go. I know we'll make it but one last push is required!

8 days to go

Just an update to tell you that all is going well with the pledges. I have a few who have held back so far and we have the fundraiser on Thursday in the Stag's Head at 8.30 to look forward to. So we're still right on track. Hope to see you there. J

Oops! I left someting out.

Apologies I forgot to give you the time. 8.30pm upstairs in The Stags Head on January 23rd which is this Thursday. Lots of special guests!! J


Ironically the only people who receive these updates are those who have actually funded it. Thanks to all of you. I'm thrilled to see all the names. I'm holding a fundraiser in Dublin in the Stag's Head on Thursday 23rd of January. I'd love you to come [no I won't ask you for more money!] or at the very least maybe get the word out to anyone you might now who might be interested in pledging a few euros. Many thanks to all of you. John

The final push

Indeed it's still going well on the Fundraising but things have slowed down a tad. I believe that many people are waiting to see what happens. Well if you get this update please pass it on. I'm unsure as to whether people understand that the artist receives nothing if the target isn't met. If you can pass the link on to friends then that would be great.

The holidays are over now it's back to work!

Now that we are all suitably holidayed out it's time to get the campaign back on the tracks. I've raised just over €4000 so far and we have four weeks left until the deadline. Time to get the show on the road again. John

Great progress!

It's absolutely amazing that after only 8 days there's been nearly €3000 of funding. Thanks to everyone so far. This is a huge step forward. I'm delighted to be starting the second phase over the next week. Still a long way to go but I'm very confident that we'll reach the goal. Onwards!!!

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